“The Pattern” is a unique book, in which the author attempts to translate in great detail the spiritual typology found in the ancient Tabernacle of Moses into meaningful Biblical instructions for our time. Just a few of the topics discussed are: the seven days of creation, the Feast of Tabernacles, Gideon’s 300, the manchild in Revelation 12, Samson, the two witness company, and Daniel’s seventieth week.

The author believes that “The Pattern” is a part of a message sent directly from God to His people. These revelations were born out of his personal experience and walk with the Lord. Every Christian, therefore, should read this book and glean for his or her own profit whatever God speaks from these pages.

In this work KEYS are given to the reader, which open up much understanding of previously closed areas of the Bible. The whole message of the Bible is written in one picture – The Tabernacle of Moses.

The correct interpretation of this picture will reveal the true message of every word of God. At this time, when there is so much confusion in the interpretation and practice of the Bible, the true message is needed, as a plumbline, to correct both our Biblical understanding and the quality of our lives.

As a wife of the author and a participant in the glory of this divine message, I testify that for three decades I have had the opportunity of seeing many lives changed. I have witnessed many outstanding miracles, but the greatest of them all is the selfless dedication of the author to this message of life.

We trust that every word of this book may bring glory to God.

Mavis duCille

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Tabernacle and Outer Court in the Tabernacle of Moses