I hereby express my abundant gratitude to God for the mighty warriors of the faith which he has given me as co-workers. First I must thank my wife, Mavis, who over the years has been my faithful companion and co-worker. Who has worked incessantly through sickness and health, through want and plenty, in season and out of season. My faith in God and humanity is greatly enhanced by her steadfastness and unstinted faithfulness.

There are other warriors of God, mighty in the faith, who have contributed to this book and made it possible for publication: brother Steve Goodmon and sister Francis Goodmon who have been invalu­able helpers in editing and publication, and who have been our faith­ful friends and co-workers for over twenty five years. Brother Thomas Trotter, sister Carol Trotter, sister Catherine Trotter, brothers Charlie and Joe Trotter, brother Gary Sonmore and sister Emily Sonmore, brother Peter Schneider, sister Pavlina Davis, sister Terry Smith and brother George Herrig who have all been anointed of the Lord to contribute their time, en­ergies and substance in reviewing, editing and typing. Brother Sid Kamprath and sister Sharon Kamprath were invaluable contribu­tors in creating the artwork and laying out the book. My deepest gratitude goes out also to the many brethren not mentioned here, who have subscribed time and prayers to make this publication possible.

Finally I send this book forth with the prayers of the saints that it might go far and wide and bring great blessings to the people of God. We place it into the hands of the readers as raw food that they might prepare suitable meals for God’s hungry flock. May the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father richly bless those who contributed to this book for their unselfish work of love.

Yours in Christ,

Cecil J. duCille

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