Before this book gets into your hands, the judgment might have already begun. Almost all the weapons of the modern war machine are made of some type of fire. FIRE will dominate the next war which is now about to break upon us. The super weapons are not yet revealed to the layman. Sudden death at this moment is lurking in the arsenals, under the oceans, and in outer space, ready to cast that “burning mountain” of Revelation 8:8 into the sea of humanity.


Now is the time for Christian families to begin to relocate themselves from those who are under the judgment of God. Fire will be poured upon the wicked cities of America, Europe, Asia and the world. Millions of humanity jammed together in the monstrous cities of the United States, Europe and the Far East are ripe for judgment. The holocaust of this tribulation is beyond our imagination. It would make Dante’s Inferno look like an afternoon bonfire.

THE MESSAGE IS URGENT. Christian families must remove themselves from these centers of judgment. Lot had a lot of reasons to remain in Sodom, but there was a time to run, and he did not have to lose his shirt in running, but he waited until it was too late. He lost his wife and all his possessions. Nevertheless, be sure when you make a move, it is God who tells you to, and that He tells you where to go.


Since the bad example set by the Anglican Church, it took a number of years for the other backsliding congregations to come forth boldly, and admit their sins in the newspapers of the land.

The Daily Pantagraph, Bloomington, Illinois, U.S.A., in its issue dated July 21, 1974, states:


Minneapolis (UPI) – Lutherans involved in the homosexual world – either through ministry to or participation in – have formed a caucus to support the cause of homosexuals in the Church. ‘Lutherans Concerned for Gay People,’ which claims ties with homosexuals in all three of the country’s largest Lutheran bodies, brings to nearly a dozen the number of gay caucuses in various church groups.

This is in total contravention to and rebellion against the Word of God. Ephesians 5:15-21 states that no unclean person, whoremonger, homosexual, etc., will inherit the Kingdom of God.

How, then, can people who are supposed to know the scriptures, speak of “homosexuals in the church?” The two things are incompatible; they cannot work together. It is like saying that sin is in God – totally paradoxical.

Because of the failing of the church, and the falling of the leadership of the church into these sins, and also because of the widespread corruption of the people, the legislators of the nations are bringing forth abominable laws and bills to express the will of their homosexually-minded constituents. One example of this is quoted from the San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, February 20, 1975.


Sacramento – Legal bans against many sexual activities between consenting adults would be removed under a bill approved by an Assembly committee yesterday. The measure by Assemblyman Willie Brown (Dem – SF) would legalize oral sex and anal sex unless committed by force or with a minor. It would also legalize adulterous cohabitation. The bill was approved 5 to 1 by the Assembly Criminal Justice committee. It now goes to the Assembly floor, where a similar bill died last year. It is AB 489.

Isaiah 28 speaks of those who “stumble in judgment.” Surely, this is a strange Criminal Justice Committee. Sometime after this, the Assembly passed the bill and made it law.

POPE PAUL VI: Quoting from a report in the Newsweek magazine of November 4, 1974, under the caption, “TO BE OR NOT TO BE,” Pope Paul VI was quoted as saying:

“The church is in difficulty; the church seems destined to die.”

This is an accurate summation of what is about to happen in the near future. The Church of Jesus Christ CANNOT DIE and does not seem to be dying, but the Pope was not speaking of any other church but the Roman Catholic Church. The whole organized church system is patterned after the Catholic system, and in truth and in fact, is really one system with two heads.

The corruption which has engulfed the church system disqualified her as a church, and it is either that the word is now meaningless, or some new modern meaning is being applied which makes it no longer the “called out” and the “separated unto God.” Thus in the sight of God, it has a name that it lives, yet it is dead.


There is HOPE. God would not leave us without light. Men are rising up from every corner with the true light of God, here a little and there a little (Isaiah 28:13), and the spirits of division which haunted the true church in the past are being put under foot by the truth, for the Spirit of God is making us one. Not an organizational oneness based upon color and/or creed and class like the exclusive clubs, but a oneness of Spirit which is not of man but of God, as represented by the Candlestick (Lampstand) with its seven lamps all burning the same oil, yet producing many lights.

This study therefore is beyond all religion and religious sects. It deals with God as a person and a teacher who draws on a blackboard His blueprint called the TABERNACLE, the plan of the ages to the very threshold of eternity.

Anyone, therefore, who begins to understand this MYSTERY, has begun his ascent out of doctrinal bondage, and into the freedom of the image and likeness of God.

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