Noah's ArkThis ark had three stories. The bottom story represented God the Father. The seal, with pitch and tar, was the main feature of its salvation quality.

The second story represented Jesus Christ the Son. The main feature of its saving quality was the door.

The third story typifies the Holy Ghost. The main feature of salvation was the window looking up to heaven.


The question of what is the seal is pertinent here. The seal saved the ark in the flood, and thus saved all aboard. Without the seal, there would be no salvation. It is necessary for us to seek into the matter.

Noah’s seal was pitch and tar, formed in the bosom of the earth and could not be applied until the time was near for the ark to float. Therefore, the time of the sealing had to coincide with the time of the flood. No one knew when the exact time of the flood would be but God, therefore the sealing of the ark had to be directed of God Himself..

Moses’ Ark was made of leaves and twigs from the river. It was made by women, Moses’ sister and mother, who are a type of the church. It did not have stories like Noah’s ark, but in place of the stories was a manchild – Moses. This meant that if the hull of the ark represented God the Father with the seal, then Moses represented the Son and the Spirit. THE SON AND THE SPIRIT are God’s two witnesses on earth. Moses was God’s witness in Egypt, both to the Israelites and to the Egyptians. He manifested God magnificently, not carnally, but by Spirit action. The papyrus leaves and twigs from the river represented FLESH and humanity, just as the wood of the ark represented flesh and humanity. God uses humanity as the negative through which He manifests His positive nature. The sons of God are NEGATIVE GOOD, manifesting the nature of FATHER GOD. On the other hand, the sons of Satan are NEGATIVE EVIL, manifesting the nature of their father, the devil.


God, therefore, is positive good, and we, His sons, are negative good. This is contrary to those who teach that Satan is the negative of God. This teaching is error, because it says that we cannot get on without Satan. This is the reason God is about to bring us into a MILLENNIUM where Satan and all his forces will be bound and separated from the human realm, and we will see some men being their own Satan. The knowledge of good and evil is sufficient to make some men choose good and some choose evil. When God sent Jesus Christ to save humanity, He was only giving us the opportunity TO EXPRESS THE GOOD WITHIN US. We were taken slaves by Satan and sin, and though we hated it, we had no power to resist and to overcome. JESUS NOW GIVES US THE POWER TO OVERCOME. The whole thing is on the converse now. God has to be keeping back man from partaking of the fulness of the power, because of our lack of wisdom and MATURITY. If we had our way this day, and had the energy to do it, we would destroy Satan now, and blast him off to some uninhabitable realm. This would destroy the plan of God, which is not only to destroy the devil, BUT to destroy sin and its possibility ONCE AND FOR ALL AND FOREVER, and to overcome death for all of God’s creatures.


Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

When God MADE GOOD, He automatically created its opposite – EVIL. In making the car, we create pollution. We did not make pollution, but it was the natural outcome of making the automobile with an internal combustion engine. We make one wall in a room, and we create division, creating two rooms.

After man created the motor car, and reaped the benefits of its use, he then had to find ways of dealing with pollution caused by the car.

We thus see God making all things good. But in His great wisdom, knowing there must exist the opposite at least in theory, He taught His creatures good and evil. Again in His wisdom, He LIBERATED heaven, giving all His angels freedom of will to choose good, which they know intimately, and evil which they only knew about. He taught them all that evil would bring, its sorrow and pain, its destruction and final defeat in absolute, irrevocable alienation from God. That which happened in the FIRST HEAVEN, the invisible realms of God, happens in every heaven, and every heaven has to undergo its test in order to be made incorruptible.


Heaven, the invisible realms of God, that frequency of the Spirit where dwell the holy angels and God in all the magnitude of His power, is now an incorruptible realm. BUT our heaven – the heaven of our spirit, soul, and body, where there is striving and fighting, where Michael the archangel fights to unseat the devil and his hosts, is not yet incorruptible. God’s invisible realms were not always incorruptible. At one time in the unimaginable past, God had allowed Satan, who was then called by the name of Heylel, “the SHINING ONE,” to sow seeds of rebellion among all the bright ones of the ORDER OF LIGHT. These bright ones were those who occupied the second realm of heaven next to God, and above whom was this bright and shining angel called, in the King James Version of the Bible, “Lucifer.” This was a translator’s error, since the name was Heylel. This shining one in Ezekiel 28:16 was described as the “Memshak,” or the cherub which overshadowed heaven. This means that he held a unique position in heaven, and that his power was so great that he would cover all heaven (those below him) with the expression of the Father and the will of the Almighty, and he would invoke heaven to high crescendos of PRAISE. Angels feed on the energy of God, when they open themselves to praise. There was only one position higher for him, and that is the position of JESUS THE SON. He, Heylel, wanted to be the HUSBAND OF THE CHURCH.

Isaiah 14:13d, “I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.”

God had not made Heylel for this position. Therefore, he could lead the host of heaven in praise; he could overshadow heaven with great power, but he could not bleed and die on Calvary for our sins. This position was not for any angel. HE DID NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY.

Determined to be king, there was only one position open, one vacancy, that of KING OF EVIL. Evil had no king. It had no personality. It was only a theory. The opposite of God had not yet been put to the test. None need to put God’s word to the test to know it is true, but Satan invented the LIE. He began to preach the opposite of truth – the lie. This changed his nature.

“When lie speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44c.

He showed the angels of heaven the kingdom he would give them. He pointed out to them the weakness of the man which God had planned to make. He told them how he would occupy the BRIDE OF CHRIST, and how he would bring forth sons to fill their kingdom, and offered them principalities. They had freewill choice, and this was the only means by which God could make HEAVEN AN INCORRUPTIBLE REALM. God had to allow His angels to make their own choice, without any help from Himself.

They were free to choose against Him, not from a standpoint of weakness, BUT FROM A VANTAGE POINT OF STRENGTH, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, AND UNDERSTANDING.


This meant that once they had made their choice, they would have crossed a point of no return. Those who had made the CHOICE FOR GOD would not be able to revoke it, and those who made the choice for EVIL could not revoke it. There is one great and basic reason why they could not. But before God explained this to me, I wondered like so many others, why does God who is SOVEREIGN not save them all and put them again in heaven.

I sought God to find this truth, because I felt that God could do all things, and He surely could save the devil and all lost men and women, and purify them and put them into heaven. BUT GOD SHOWED ME THE TRUTH. As I prayed, I fell into a vision. In this vision, I saw someone come into my room who was surely a person of great power, and one who seemed to be used to authority. He had the bearing of a prince. BUT as I watched him, I knew instinctively that he was a FALLEN ANGEL. I addressed myself to him after our salutations, and asked him if he knew heaven. I did this because I did not want to reveal to him readily that I knew he was an evil spirit. He calmly said to me, “Where do you think I am from?” This made me know that he knew that I knew who he was. I next explained to him that I, and men like myself, wanted desperately to go to heaven, that life here meant nothing to us if we could but make heaven our home. Then I asked him how is it that he left heaven for this torment, and asked him why he did not repent, since I felt that God would forgive him and take him back into heaven.

He exploded into utterances of hate, and cursed God as I had never heard before. Then he said if God would forgive him of all that he had done, and take him back into heaven, that he would only return there with one intention, to destroy heaven. He hated God, and heaven, and all things pertaining to God. I had never seen such hate, or ever had to speak to anyone who had not the slightest touch of God’s nature in him, as this creature I then faced. I arose to rebuke him, but he had already anticipated my move, and calmly stepped through the door. I went after him, but found him playing with the kids; playing ball with them like a loving uncle. God said to me then, that I would have to play ball with the kids to win them back out of his hand.

The lesson was conclusive. THE DEVIL AND HIS HOST, along with sinful man, cannot be saved against their will. Man will never go to hell because of having sinned, neither will Satan or his angels. Hell is provided for those who do not want to be in heaven.


Hell is the extreme MERCY OF GOD. In God, all things move, consist, live, and have their being. To live, one must be in God. In order to die, one must get out of God. In other words, if God made you a creature of LIFE and you want to partake of death, then you must recreate yourself into a creature of death by divesting yourself of God, FOR GOD IS LIFE. The great secret in those who depart from God not being able to return, is in the fact that to wholly depart from God, one must LOSE THE NATURE OF GOD within, and imbibe an alien nature. The alien nature cannot respond to God, neither can it return to God, since it is not of God and NEVER WAS. Since the SIN NATURE cannot divest itself of itself, there is nothing within the fallen angels or Satan to take them back to God. THEREFORE, THEY DO NOT WANT GOD and never will.


In the same way, those who finally divest themselves of the sin nature receive the DIVINE NATURE, and cannot again revert to the sin nature, having made their final choice with their freewill choice.


Hell is a state or condition or realm of the spirit, where those who do not want to be subject to God dwell. There are different degrees of hell, or torment, according to the degree of the spirit living in that realm. There are none in hell who could have been in heaven. If God gave them a thousand years to repent, they would not. Hell is not only the justice and judgment of God, but is His ABSOLUTE MERCY. Once a creature becomes a thing of darkness, it cannot exist in light. Light would be untold torment for that creature, so this is the reason God has created a realm of darkness for creatures of darkness.

Beginning with the rebellion of Satan and his spirits against God, man entered into rebellion. God had to find a final place for spirits which were falling from the HIGHEST HEAVEN to the LOWEST HEAVEN, and finally falling into their final resting place, which we call THE LAKE OF FIRE.

The lowest heaven is the one we are in. This is the spirit, soul, and body realm of man, where God is preparing Himself a dwelling place. This is the realm now occupied by the devil and his angels.


Evil spirits now have no other way to get their food, except from our realm. In other words, they must have energy to go about their business, and since they cannot get this energy directly from God, since they cannot face God, then they pull energy from our realm. In so doing, they bring SICKNESS, PAIN, SORROW, AND DEATH to our realm. All the suffering of humanity is due to the lack of energy in us to command life and health for our people. Satan has robbed us of our kingdom, and the power to rule this realm with peace and happiness. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE REGAINING AS SONS OF GOD. Thus, eventually we will cast Satan and all his host out of our realm, and take the kingdom for Jesus Christ, our Lord.

In order to keep to the theme we are dealing with, we will have to put off the full discussion of this for another occasion.


The Ark had to have a special time for the pitching and tarring. If it had taken him 120 years or just 20 years to build, he would be forced to put on the tar at a specific time, near the time when the Ark would float, or exposure to wind and sun would spoil it. The pitch and the tar, therefore, represent the SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD. This seal saved the Ark and all that were in it, therefore, it is very important. So we see that God is our salvation.


The second story of the Ark represents the Son, Jesus Christ, because it has the door, and Jesus is the door of entering into God.

John 10:9, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”


The most significant part of the door of the Ark is that it was closed of God before the rain started falling, when God shut Noah and his family and the animals in. This shows that after this seal of the living God is applied to the church, and the destruction begins on earth, some people will be in a place of safety and others will not. This place is described in the Psalms.

Psalm 91:1,4, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

According to God’s promise, some will escape the destructive force of the tribulation. All that the tribulation will do to them is purify them, and make them ready to meet Jesus at His coming and at His personal appearance. Then we will see Him as He is, FOR WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM.


The third story represents the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost for us is a WINDOW looking up to heaven. Some people try to convince us that the Holy Ghost gives them all manner of earthly revelations, to help them in their business, and to give them power to get rich. Others speak of the Holy Ghost telling them when to bathe, and to clean their houses, etc. BUT many of our people are dealing with RELIGIOUS SPIRITS, that try to give them a sense of super-holiness through a lot of carnal rituals, and they miss the point of growing up into Christ, and becoming like Christ. The Holy Ghost is our window which looks up into heaven.

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