There is another reason for why we believe that we are just a few years from the end of the sixth day.

If time should be counted from Jesus, then we would have to hear from God as to what time in Jesus’ life He began to count. Was it at the birth of Jesus? Was it at His baptism, when He began His ministry? That would add three and one half years to the error in our calendar. One thing we do know is that God generally makes one era gradually fade out while the other is coming in. In this light, we can see John the Baptist’s ministry fading away while Jesus’ was increasing.

Another point which might be important, if not inspired, is that in the prophetic book of Revelation, in chapters 11 and 12, it is clearly stated that God counts 1,260 days as three and one half years, which makes one year to be 360 days. If God’s year is 360 days, then our solar year of 365¼ days would leave us 5¼ days too much, which would amount to about 30 years to be added to our current date.


In spite of our calculations, there is one thing certain. God has allowed man to be confused in his calculations of time, because the times and seasons, spiritually speaking will be revealed to the sons of God, and not to the world. I can therefore state with great certainty, that it is later than we think, and to be more specific, we are indeed AT THE END OF THE SIXTH DAY or the sixth thousand-year period.

In order not to leave any doubt in the minds of my readers, let me say that the sixth day, according to the word of God, must end in a period of tribulation – distress and war as never seen upon the earth since God made man until this time.

THIS THEREFORE is the time in which we are, I believe.


We can here, therefore, identify the “last day” utterances of Jesus in John 6:39, 40, 44 and 54 as referring to a ONE THOUSAND YEAR PERIOD which corresponds with the SEVENTH DAY of creation in which God rested from His work. This rest must necessarily be symbolic, since God is never tired, neither needs to rest. This is explained in Hebrews chapter 4. From these utterances in John 6, we see Jesus impressing upon us a very urgent message, made more pointed by its repetition, that there will be a RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS during the seventh thousand-year period.


At the end of this age there will be a three and a half year period of intense trouble for the world, which will be the end of the period called the “Great Tribulation,” after which the church will be delivered by resurrection, and the sons of God will reign and rule on earth with Jesus Christ in a glorified body.


In 1970, it was revealed to me by a wide-awake, open-eyed vision in which I saw a man enter my room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and present me with two sheets of paper. The first was fully written from the edge of the top clear to the bottom. He pulled it away from me as I strained to read it and could not, and said, “Do not worry about it, it is the past.”

He pushed the other sheet into my lap. It was blank, except for two lines written at the extreme top in the same illegible hand of a man, and then he said, “This is the tribulation.” That was in or about April, 1970.

An apology is needed here. The first writing of “The Pattern” was in January 1973. In the subsequent edition, in 1975, on page 23 under the heading of “My Revelation,” it was stated that “the sons of God will come forth into a higher nature in or around 1977.” This error was caused by submitting to the erroneous teaching of the church, that the Tribulation will be seven years, since seven years from 1970 was 1977. Already many more years of tribulation are gone, and every year it is getting worse, and as yet the 3½ years of the ministry of Christ by the church has not yet begun. I here apologize to my readers for that error.

My interpretation may be wrong, but I believe, especially because of this vision, that there will be a great war in our time, which will make all other wars look like child’s play, and there will be such suffering as never was experienced on earth among so many people before. The sons of God will come forth into a higher nature, and eventually overcome the beast nature in the earth, and that this will culminate in the earth being brought under the rule of God. For Jesus Christ, our Lord, will descend from heaven with a shout, and with our brothers who now live in the invisible realm, and then the invisible realms of God will become visible, and the visible invisible – that is, we will be changed and have power to be either visible or invisible.

The earth will be at rest. Praise be to God.


The revelation of Jesus Christ within the hearts and lives of the saints is a flowing experience, and by the time you get these revelations I have committed to paper, there might be others coming forward which will make these obsolete. It is therefore necessary for Christians to be in touch with one another at this time, for I have heard from the Lord that things are happening within the body of Christ, and the sons are moving higher and higher, so silently and so imperceptibly, that the breaking forth will even take us by surprise.

Strive to get your minds off the things of the earth, for this is the hindrance of the body of Christ. We must overcome in the area of the mind, or else we will not overcome at all.

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